About Mafra Tours and Charters

Joe Mafra is the founder and owner of Mafra Tours and Charters. This family-operated business started in 2000 when Joe realized that a tour and charter business would fulfill his career goals in life. Let's go back to the beginning…

As a young man, Joe lived in Portugal and worked as a meat cutter in his father’s meat shop. Joe immigrated from Nazare, Portugal in 1983 with his wife and son. On his arrival in Canada, Joe continued working as a butcher, tirelessly running his own meat business. Joe soon discovered that he was less than passionate about working in the meat industry. He started on a journey of self-improvement in search of his true passion in life.

Having been a volunteer firefighter / paramedic in Portugal, Joe decided to learn more about health and safety in Canada. So, he joined St. John's Ambulance as a volunteer. Further, he wished to know more about the travel industry, which led him to work for a charter company in his spare time. Finally, Joe found where his heart really was...in the travel and tourism industry.

Joe is truly passion-driven working in travel and tourism. It is Joe’s love of tourism that has made Mafra Tours the choice of many travellers.

Joe is grateful for the support and aid of his wife and children. His family work alongside Joe planning itineraries across Canada and the United States, booking accommodations, and educating themselves about the history and current events of the tour destinations. Unlike many of the larger charter companies, Mafra Tours customizes every tour package for its customers to ensure customers have the most memorable and personalized tour experience possible.

To all of the groups, businesses, associations, and families that have chosen Mafra Tours for their travel needs; we thank you immensely. To those who have not had the experience of traveling with us, we hope to see you soon!